• Establishing a much-needed school in the community for nursery, primary and secondary school education
  • Embedding Global Education in our School Curriculum to enable our pupils become better world citizens as well as take responsibility to preserve our environment for future generations
  • Provision of scholarships for pupils from poor & disadvantaged homes to attend school
  • Providing a place of worship at our site, for use by all community members
  • Establishing a bakery school to train bakers and create jobs in the community, as well as providing bread (a stable food in the community) and baked products to promote food security in the community
  • Establishing a vocational centre to train the disadvantaged youths and women in different life skills such as tailoring, carpentry, mason work
  • Adult education in basic numeracy & literacy, business skills & financial management
  • Empowering the disadvantaged in the community to start up businesses after going through our trainings by providing them resources for start ups such as a portable sewing machine for our tailoring trainees and carpentry tools for our carpentry students
  • Promotion of enterprise and business in the community
  • Regular community medical outreach programmes to promote health and create awareness of pertinent health issues in the communities
  • Establishing a scout group in the community & a vibrant Youth Forum in the community
  • Working hand in hand with the community Leaders and tailoring our activities to meet their needs

Latest Projects

Here are some of our recent projects serving the Angola Town community:

Tailoring Tutors

Tailoring Centre

April 26, 2022

Kids in Sierra Leon during the Chapel Hour

The Chapel Hour

March 30, 2022

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